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Why is Restumping so important?

Updated: May 31, 2021

Restumping is a maintenance process for houses that involves replacing the old stumps with new ones.

If you have old warn-out stumps in your house it could be causing a safety issue and could have serious effects on your home in the long term.

Older Australian homes will eventually need to be restumped during their lifetime as the original timber stumps can deteriorate over time and can lead to serious problems. They can rot over time if exposed to moisture and are also prone to termites.

The benefits of restumping your home are as follows;

Fixing Floor Damage

If you are noticing uneven floorboards in your home, this could be due to damaged stumps. You might also notice cracks on the floor when that section is not sufficiently supported as the stumps may be beginning to rot.

Damaged floors are not only visually unappealing but can be dangerous. People can trip and fall if you have damaged stumps as you can never be sure about the stability of the floor.

Fixing Doors and Windows

If you are finding it hard to open and close your windows and doors, the most common reason this happens is because the flooring in your house has drooped and is no longer level. When this starts to happen it is a sure sign that your stumps are deteriorating and your house needs restumping.

Flood-Prone Areas

If your house is in an area that is prone to flooding, restumping is a great opportunity to raise your house. As the house is lifted, the stumps are replaced with sturdier materials. Raising your house is a great way to avoid flood damage when big storms hit.

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