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Brisbane Underpinning

Brisbane House Restumping offer an underpinning service to Brisbane and Ipswich. Underpinning is a construction process of repairing or strengthening the foundations of an existing house or structure. 

When Is Underpinning Needed?

Underpinning may be necessary for a range of different reasons including: 

  • Leaking pipes and tree roots

  • The original foundation isn't strong enough

  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods

  • Loose soil or uncompacted fill before construction

  • Nearby construction  

Queensland homes are known to experience foundation issues due to soils types and weather conditions. Rectifiying these issues is important and the signs that underpinning is needed include:

  • Cracks in brickwork or internal walls 

  • Doors and windows jamming 

  • Unlevel floor 

  • Cracked floor 

  • Cracked wall tiles

  • Sinking slab or flooring


Repair Proces


If you have any of the issues above and require underpinning we are here to help. We can arrange a site inspection and give you a quote for the repair.

Once the amount of damage that has occurred is identified, a structural engineering design to correct the damage will be needed. We work closely with a company that can arrange structural design plans and a soil test if it is required. 

Then we will carry out the works. During this process, the pre-existing cracks and will be rectified by closing the gaps and structural integrity will be corrected however, some cosmetic repairs might still need to be carried out by a builder.

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