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Brisbane House Restumping 

What do restumping Brisbane areas we service?


Brisbane restumping occurs in areas on the northside and southside of the Brisbane river and as far out as Raceview. We’ll travel as far as Logan on the Southside and as far north as Sandgate on the northside. We are now expanding our service to Ipswich too. If outside these areas please give us a call and we may be able to assist you by recommending another company or if we have a capacity at the time we may be able to travel a little further.


What’s the difference between Hot Dip galvanised steel and Supa-galvanise?


To look at, it’s very hard to tell the difference. And to the untrained eye, it is impossible to tell the difference. Hot Dip galvanising is a far superior product to use in Brisbane restumping and Brisbane house raising jobs. This is particularly important in areas closer to water or around salt water pools. Generally though if Supa-gal steel columns are installed correctly, there will be little cause for concern as they do meet all Australian standards when installed correctly.


Do we provide free restumping quotes?


Yes, we provide free quotes for restumping in nearly all circumstances. Circumstances that result in a billable quote is part of the following. One, you’re not prepared to meet us on site to discuss the quote and two, if you’re in the process of purchasing the house. It is important to have your stumps examined as part of a pre-purchase building inspection if your Building Inspector has identified the stumps as being an issue. Under this scenario, we do provide a quote at a billable rate that’s fully refundable if you proceed with works. Please call Alycia to arrange a quote at any stage on 3087 5326.


When do house stumps need to be replaced?


Brisbane house stumps are defective as soon as there is a sign of cracking, rusting or rot in timber stumps. It’s best to have them replaced immediately. House stumps are crucial to the structure of the building and bear significant weight. It could also be a sign of further stumping issues that are unknown to the trained professional. If you’re concerned you should contact us for a free no obligation quote.


Can we remain in the house while restumping or releveling is carried out?


Relevelling Brisbane homes is something that we’re very experienced in carrying out while you and your family are residing at the property. The same applies for restumping in Brisbane. These are tasks that provide minimal interruptions to your daily going ons. If you call us, we’ll quote you and then you can walk all over us while we carry out the work right under your feet. Brisbane house raising work on the other hand does require you to be out of the house for a period of time for obvious safety reasons.


Do we do small Brisbane & Ipswich restumping jobs?


Our small restumping Brisbane & Ipswich jobs is something that we pride ourselves on completing efficiently and cost-effectively for our clients. We welcome the opportunity to quote your smaller jobs and in some instances, we can even provide a quote via photos if this is something that’s convenient for you to do for us.


Please call us on 3087 5326 with any questions or fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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