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Brisbane House Raise & Hold 

House Lift & Hold

One of the many services we offer as professional house raisers is house raise and hold. House raise and hold means that we raise and hold the house in position. Allowing you to carry out any work such as a digout or the structural steelwork yourself if you wish. 

House Raise & Steel Supply

During a house raise and hold you as a builder will be carrying out the structural steelwork yourself. With this in mind, we tailor a package whereby we carry out the house raise and also supply all structural steel for your project.

The benefit of this house raise and steel supply package is that not only do you get a great service, but while we’re on-site we can determine your steel column lengths, tops for steel columns, and steel beam sizes to ensure the perfect fit. Then we custom manufacture and paint on-site, so you know that there are no errors. Due to our onsite manufacturing techniques, we can offer a very competitive price. By using our low-cost techniques, your margins on this aspect of the work will be excellent. 

Generally, we lift and hold a house for a period of 2 – 4 weeks however if a longer hold is required this can be arranged. 


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Raise My House offers professional house raise and hold services as well as many others services to Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. We have qualified tradesmen and an experienced team to ensure you receive the best result. Contact us today for a quote. 

Raise My House service most areas including:

  • Brisbane Northside

  • Brisbane Southside

  • Inner suburbs of Brisbane

  • Ipswich

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