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House Sliding Service In Brisbane & Ipswich

How Do I Know If Need House Sliding Services?


Often when there is a limited opportunity or space to lift and raise a house, we can look at moving or 'sliding' your house to a new position on your block to take advantage of your available space.


This can become extremely advantageous in situations where you may need to:


  • Take advantage of a better view

  • Move your home as development has blocked an existing view

  • Move away from a boundary or fence to create space

  • Slide your house away from drains and pipes in order to be able to build a pool

  • Interested in sub-dividing your home

  • Create an additional garden, granny flat or living area etc


Brisbane House Restumping has years worth of house sliding experience right here in Brisbane & Ipswich, please free to call our team for a discussion and quote regarding a house slide on your property.



House Sliding Birsbae
slide a house in Brisbane

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