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House Stump Maintenance In Brisbane & Ipswich

Stump Maintenance for all Types Of Timber, Concrete & Steel Stumps:

Rotten Timber Stumps

Rotten Timber Stumps:

Timber Stumps have a tendency to rot over time, especially in QLD's tropical climate. We are able to replace timber stumps which are both decayed, rotting and need full replacement to avoid any damage to your home

Cracked Concrete

Cracked Concrete:


Cracked concrete cause issues for homeowners because they start to chip away and fragment over time due to ground movement, erosion from the weather and varying temperatures.

Rusted Steel

Rusted Steel:

Steel stumps often rust due to exposure to moisture in the air and surrounds, including soil sediment

Replacing Stumps:


House stumps can be replaced with your choice of Steel, Concrete or Timber stumps which will come down to suiting and matching the style of your house, the area that your house is situated and the durability required.



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