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Stump Replacement In Brisbane & Ipswich

Brisbane & Ipswich Stump Replacement & Removals:


How do you know if your home needs its stumps replaced?

To avoid a serious and costly house collapse, keep your eyes peeled for critical signs such as gaps between walls, gaps between walls and ceilings and gaps between walls, roofs, and doors. Other important signs include cracked walls and windows and doors that won't shut, often indicating an un-level home potentially due to damaged, rotting and unstable house stumps.

stump replacements brisbane
A stump needed to be replaced.

Removing your Brisbane's home stumps and replacing them with sturdy and safe steel beams and channels gives you the option of providing extra space for rooms such as a man cave, rumpus rooms, cars and much more.


Brisbane House Restumping can make the process easy:


We supply and fit all types and sizes of engineered channels and beams to ensure your stumps are replaced professionally and safely. We use quality steel bought directly from steel merchants and we also manufacture and prime steel ourselves to ensure high quality, reduce costs and improve speed.


If your Brisbane house needs its stumps removed and/or replaced then give our team a  call on 07 3607 3132 today.

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