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House Releveling Service In Brisbane & Ipswich

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How Do I Know If My House Needs Re-Leveling?


If your windows are uneven and your doors don't shut properly, you most likely need to get your house Your houses' entire integrity is reliant on your foundations and if they become unsteady or weak then you may be prone to a costly structural due to uneven stumps. 


Immediate Signs You Need Your Brisbane & Ipswich Home Re-Leveled:


  • Cracks appear in your walls

  • You notice a lean in your home

  • You notice gaps between your walls, floors and ceiling

e. It's easy.

house relevelling brisbane
relevel a house in brisbane

Why Releveling Your Home is Important:



Releveling your home will not only improve overall sale value and presentation, but it may also cure long term issues such as:

  • Excessive moisture underneath your house which contributes to rotting your stumps

  • Fixing a  foundation that hadn't been placed properly, to begin with


Brisbane House Restumping has all the experience on hand to guide you through the process, offer general advice and quote a professional job right here in Brisbane, to give you peace of mind and improve your home's structures and value.


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