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Restumping Service in Brisbane & Ipswich


Restumping Houses in Brisbane & Ipswich doesn't need to be a difficult task, we have years of experience working on projects across South East Queensland and can help you along every step of the way.


Brisbane House Restumping is considered one of the best restumping companies in Brisbane & Ipswich for concrete, steel or wooden stumps constructions as well as maintenance. As leaders in the restumping industry, we always deliver quality service for our clients. All of our Re-stumping services in Brisbane & Ipswich are conducted in the quickest and most effective way possible, so as not to disrupt your daily duties for longer than necessary.

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Brisbane House Restumping Project

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Repair Your Brisbane & Ipswich Home’s Stumps:


In most cases, it is possible to fix house stumps without fully replacing them. You can choose to restump them with your choice of steel, timber stumps or concrete, pending your house foundation. 


When restumping your home in Brisbane & Ipswich  you can choose from the following building products:

  • Concrete stumps that are prefabricated and reinforced in 25mpa concrete.

  • Steel stumps which  are Supa-galvanised 

  • Wooden stumps can be made resistant to termites, rotting and water 


Costs to Restump in Brisbane & Ipswich?

Restumping your home in Brisbane & Ipswich could help save your home from a potentially very dangerous collapse which would lead to much greater costs and potential injuries.. or worse.


Re-stumping a house quite also often will mean you need to Re-level you Brisbane & Ipswich home too.  


We Service & Restump All Brisbane & Ipswich Homes

Brisbane House Restumping will restump your home in all Inner, North & South Brisbane suburbs, Bayside and Western suburbs as well as Ipswich. Call our team for a discussion about your project, and don't forget, you can text us through and pictures first to help save time and get an accurate restumping assessment




Contact Us

Please call us on 07 3607 3132 with any questions or fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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